Monday, May 9, 2011

Kelly's First Puppy Raisers Meeting

Kelly went to her first puppy raisers meeting last Saturday.  She got to see her brother and sister for the first time since I've had her.  She also got to see her half brother for the first time.  She had fun playing with them before the meeting. 

Kelly's brother, Kelly's sister, Kelly
The meeting was at Harris Teeter.  All of the dogs went into Harris Teeter to walk around and to practice ignoring all of the distractions.  The younger puppies went in first then the older puppies went in.   Kelly did good ignoring all the distractions.  I even put a balloon in front of her and she ignored it.

Kelly in Harris Teeter
After the little puppies went in Harris Teeter we walked them to a four lane intersection and let them watch the traffic and get used to it.  After the puppies watched the traffic we crossed the road.  All of the puppies did really good crossing the road and none of them were scared of the traffic.
Kelly and her siblings watching the traffic
Kelly and her siblings crossing the road

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  1. It was great to meet Kelly at the meeting last Saturday, she sure is a cutie!
    Glad to hear she did so well at her first puppy meeting, looks like she really enjoyed the Harris Teeter walk!

    Rudy's Raiser - Allison